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Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the XXI Olympic and XI Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi have become the event, which brought together best professionals in the field the event industry, show business and production. Leading Russian and international experts came together for the purpose of creation and implementation of the most technically challenging show in the entire history of the Olympic Games. Specifically in Sochi the best Russian experts in a field of technical production, with a long experience at the biggest events of the country, created a core team of our company. Fresh design staff was responsible for the whole technical part in the four Ceremonies. Extraordinary complexity of applied technical solutions, wonderful design, great directing, the common idea, running though the whole show, made the Ceremonies in Sochi unforgettable, unique and set a new standard in the world of event and production.

It is Sochi, which determined for the Fresh Design the Olympic standards of workmanship for all future activities of our professionals.