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The Olympic Games in Sochi 2014
The Olympic Games in Sochi 2014
The Olympic Games in Sochi 2014
The Olympic Games in Sochi 2014
The Olympic Games in Sochi 2014
The Olympic Games in Sochi 2014
Олимпиада в Сочи 2014

Event-service, turnkey corporate events organization


«Any event is a will and representation»


Show your will, we will take care of representation!

Fresh Design LTD

For thousand of years philosophers have tried to separate the fact from the form and in just a decade «Fresh Design LTD» managed to do the opposite. Today any event, which is important to your company, may be presented in magnificent unity of essence, form and status. The latest technologies of light and sound, all the experience and capabilities of world art are applied for this purpose.

«Fresh Design LTD» represents an event-service of the highest level and specializes on large scale projects such as:

  • Organization of corporate events for the largest national and foreign companies
  • Opening and presentation of sporting events of the Federal and global level
  • Management of charity events of major Russian and international funds
  • Organization of shows, concerts and other events of the Federal and national scale (level)

The advantage of our proposal primarily is in its completeness. Organization of events includes all stages, starting from the concept, script development and ending with bringing the venue in initial state. You are guaranteed an impressive and original idea of the event and professional examine in detail. In addition to the above  the atmosphere on stage will always precisely match the scale and status of the event.

«Fresh Design LTD» - system integrator of the event-service.

The organization of the shows, large-scale performance may require participation of the best field-specific team and show-business specialists. To select a world level team’s line-up, provide it with all the things needed, make it pursue general goals, may only competent and experienced team. The reputation and experience of our specialists, strong horizontal links in the world of the script writers, artists and designers allow us to act as an efficient system integrator.

With «Fresh Design LTD» all best venues of the country are available for you, at your request we can involve well-known experts, performing artists, designers. Together with advanced technical equipment it guarantees a successful organization of the show.

Stage installation, constructions rental

Choice of the stage of optimal shape and proportions between acting and visual spaces is one of the hugest parts in developing the concept of the event. Depending on its type, status and scale the experts will select the best combination and design structures. Our company is equipped with all classic and modern packaging, from simple variants of the “box” to complex simultaneous scenes with discrete venues.

With your own solutions at hand you can rent structures, required for building-up and arranging of the stage. You will be offered light and rugged structures for the stage, portals and scaffolds for arrangement of any and all apparatus (Prolyte Products, Eurotruss etc.). All elements are in prime condition. Correct assembly will provide you with spectacular and safe stage.

Lighting and Audio equipment rental

Lighting and audio equipment rental – simple solution, short and efficient way to quality light and sound. The service allows to create a set of the parameters for a specific stage at minimum expense. Lease of light and sound will help to get at the disposal the best equipment from international manufacturers. The list of equipment includes all facilities for the modern show production with the use of computer and lazer effects (including mapping), multi-camera robotic shooting etc.

Our proposal for light and sound rental grants relief from searching or purchasing expensive equipment for holding of the concerts. Being a time and money saver you can apply Avolites, Wholehog III-IV, Grand MA consoles, PRG, Martin, Coemar, Clay Packy lighting systems, L' Acoustics, Meyer Sound, Turbo Sound, JBL audio set of various capacity. Mixing consoles and DJ-sets “de luxe” - Absolute, Ultimate, Pioneer etc. Also you can rent pyrotechnic devices for the stage, smoke machines INVOLIGHT and other devices of similar purpose.

High-power professional projectors

The introduction of high power professional projectors of Panasonic PT-DZ21KE type created a revolution in arranging of the large-scale shows. With its assistance the script writers obtained an opportunity to use a visual content with a high definition at unspecified surfaces by one thousand square meters in area (mapping). Computer control with automatic alignment of the total brightness of the image converted a projection equipment into grandiose visualization tool. London and Sochi Olympic opening, Venetian Festival are the examples of the fantastic effects, created by such equipment.

«Fresh Design LTD» can apply it for your events, using new and unprecedented opportunities. Also, owing to renting, you can obtain spectacular footages by applying hi-end class projectors of ARCTOS ARC type and LED panels of international manufacturers. Consultations of «Fresh Design LTD» experts will help to select an optimal configuration and take all measures to install a professional lighting and audio equipment, as well as a modern projection systems in a technically correct way.


Successful realization of the event concept is closely related to well-considered, professional arrangement of lighting, projection, shooting and other equipment. At «Fresh Design LTD» you will find everything you need for effective rigging. You will be offered modern high-tech hangers, fastening mechanisms and master controllers, including custom increased lift capacity winches with chains of any length for substandard heights and hangers. Above all else – services of certified professionals, being well versed in assembling and having skills of working at height. It guarantees a safe operation of the equipment at public events, open-air concerts and major sporting events.

Pyrotechnic show, special effects

Today we can boldly claim about a settled tradition – not a single major festive event is held without grandiose pyrotechnic show. «Fresh Design LTD» specialists will help you to organize such a “fire” performance. Our pyrotechnicians will confirm their script to the general concept of the event, guarantee synchronization to music, lighting, select a type of the fireworks and determine a required amount of trigger points. As a result your event will obtain one of the most outstanding and impressive moments with a full security guarantee. Together with large-scale events, our script writers and technicians widely use pyrotechnic and special-effects tools in concerts, corporate and private events. In addition, a full range of fireworks and ground special effects are used: flame fountains, waterfalls, fireworks, snow effects etc. Special effects service is provided on a turnkey basis, from development to implementation.

Event service «Fresh Design LTD»  - your remarkable history!

Cooperation with «Fresh Design LTD» - a viable route to a decent and dramatic event, which allows you to use nothing but the best, achieved in the organization of the show. Create exciting and festive present, create your remarkable history!